After fire-jumping on 'Red Wednesday'
Crossing a small river with a Bakhtiari family
Golsanem making the morning yoghurt
Inside the dome of this mausoleum on the Turkmen border, a muqarnas is being reconstructed
Karzem in his crib, in a land with no nappies but plenty of ingenuity
One of only seven men who can carve and repair stone at this high level
Trying out the rope device which measured Shah Abbas' 1000 km walk


When I went Skinny Dipping in Iran, everyone from mullahs to hipster film-makers wanted to help. As a Persian-speaker, I got myself into restricted areas and out of police stations. I met women oppressed by the compulsory dress code, and others who felt liberated by it. I started out looking for the past, but along the way, I also saw the future, when I realised how close Iran is to environmental and social disaster.

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