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Caroline Mawer I trained and worked as a doctor for 30 years – most recently in East London, but also in Siberian TB prisons and on the actively volcanic island of Montserrat.

I’ve always been passionate about art, and partnered extensive travels in Iran with a Masters in Islamic Art.
Now I’m a full-time artist.
My current work focuses on sensation and perception.
I’m especially interested in how bodies thrive through the cycle of life.

Upcoming / recent work:

Mar 2020: BMW Tate Live, Tanks, Tate Modern. 
I’ve been selected to be a vocalist in upcoming group performances.

Current: Hear Differently with Instasonus / UCL and UCLH.
Participant in workshops looking at how visually impaired (VI) people hear. Leading to a vocal performance in 2020.

Dec 19 / Jan 20: Insight. Curators at Leeds University are exhibiting art by VI artists, including me. Two of my images are below:

November 2019: Theatre Director training at the Young Vic. Pathways workshops by Extant

July 2019: Green Screen Charivari, Live Arts Development Agency, Leeds. Selected as participant in residential group project: including set-design, costumes, acting in street and green screen interior Charivari parades. Here is one of my felt masks, ready for green-screen workmade from initial paper cutouts as shown below:

May 2019: Deathbed Skiing: starting on the side of a mountain, and ending in a luscious Fruiting Forest of Dreams. Part of Wandsworth Arts Fringe 2019, at Tara Arts:
Director and producer.

  • I wrote the words (which I performed), created digital art, sourced video, and organised tech support and funding.
  • I also choreographed a professional dancer for one section; and sourced live music for interludes

Dec 2017 – Jan 2018: Participant in workshops / multiple performances at the Showroom Gallery:
We directed, acted and set-designed our own productions, culminated in Free Flow Fictioning
I showed work on ‘Beauty in Islamic Architecture’, plus the beginnings of Deathbed Skiing – as below:

Other Exhibitions / Curating:

  • More than nomads. Solo photographic exhibition. I learnt Persian to be able to walk the traditional twice-yearly migration with a Bakhtiari family.My photos of this were exhibited at the Brunei Gallery, SOAS in 2008.
  • Curating. Alongside my own photos, I curated some early images of the Bakhtiari: it was on their land that Middle East oil was first found, and they were the muscle for the 1909 Constitutional Revolution. I am now the virtual curator for  early images of the tribe.

My Iran-related publications, teaching, conferences and lectures are here

Medical stuff:

I’ve also got various medical degrees and certificates, including: MB BS BSc(Hons) JTCGP MSc FFPHM MRCGP(Distinction). Look on drcaromawer.com if you want to know more.

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