The Cycle of Life

Watered by the warm water I used to wash my dad's dead body, the little black and white forest grows and greens. As it starts fruiting., the cycle of life becomes obvious

I’ve produced a series of artworks sharing some of what I learnt about the Cycle of Life whilst my dad was dying. My dad wisely didn’t stop living just because the doctors told him that he was terminally ill. Like many doctors, I had thought I was something of an expert at dying. But then …

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WAF / Praxis crit: 2 of 2

I'm currently developing my Wandsworth Art Fringe (WAF) presentation (3-19 May 2019. Three components are planned: 1. Cycle of Life: building on and further developing the four linkeD multimedia presentations I did at the Showroom Gallery; 2. Blink: a video looking into and out of my eyes; 3. Music from some very special antique Singing ...

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Praxis crit: 1 of 2

Wandsworth Arts Fringe: 3 -19 May 2019
Hi Everyone in the Praxis group! Jackie kindly told me that she is ill, so I cant come to do my presentation in person. I'm obviously disappointed - I had been really looking forward to hearing your ideas and critiques. There are two parts to my presentation. Most important, please, is a discussion of the ...

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The Bakhtiari are one of the largest of all the Iranian nomadic tribes. I walked kuch with the Faridgi family. This migration traditionally takes place twice a year, the families walk their livestock over the Zagros Mountains, from the winter to the summer pastures. My pictures of this were exhibited at the Brunei Gallery, SOAS, alongside …

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Iranian crafts and craftsmen

As I started to visit Iran, I started to meet Iranian craftsmen – often high up on rudimentary scaffolding. I also started to realise how little is understood about their impressive skills and knowledge. With many master craftmen (ustads) relatively old, and relatively few young men now wanting to undergo the lengthy, often dirty, and …

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And suddenly I disappear

And Suddenly I Disappear. Some of the cast. Image: Guardian

When I saw And Suddenly I Disappear,  it felt that, suddenly, there was actually a chance that I might personally appear. Not definitely. I still don’t know where. But at least now there’s a chance. For maybe a chance appearance. Thankyou thankyou THANKYOU for that to Kaite O Reilly and the whole splendid ensemble! Kaite explores …

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Tin types: more collodion

My collodion at NPG: the photographers upside down view before the tintype is made

Chelin Miller kindly shared her film of ambrotypes (collodion on glass)  being made at the NPG: it’s not the same as tin types (on metal). This includes me – at 1.38 – as one of the people talking about taking part at the NPG: I’ve already written something about this here – including more details …

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