Lemons, oaks and the wood-wide web

Mature English oak: Quercus robur wiki image

This 5 minute film links some work I already did on lemons and the Persian oak – see below.And also adds more on the English Oak. English oaks are – probably – even more entrenched in English folklore and history than Persian oaks are in SW Iran. Quercus robur is England’s national tree and there …

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Deathbed Skiing: the videos

This was an intimate performance with spoken word, choreography and a wrap-around projected forest. I’ve tidied up the videos here: Black Run and Deathbed Skiing: Last Breath / First Breath: Read some of the words here

Hunger hiding in ‘The Haywain’

Constable’s Haywain is a famously popular painting.   It’s a chocolate-box idyll of rural English life Isn’t it? In some important ways, Constable was a true radical. His ‘ rough‘ painting techniques have been described as an important precursor to Impressionism. And he transformed landscape painting. Moving it away from classical Italy towards the English countryside   But his …

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VOSAP: Magnificent multimorbidity

Two self portraits. I am more than a set of diagnoses - I am a human being and a woman

These two female figures are both self portraits, showing my multiple morbidities. My nakedness illustrates how vulnerable I can be. I’m also showing that I am more than a set of diagnoses: I am a human being and a woman. Both of the images are a collage of photographs.In my side-view, I have a bony skull …

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VOSAP: More than my immobility

Spoof of Velazquez' Toilet of Venus - me sticking out my tongue in the mirror showing 'Venus'

On occasion, I’ve been unable to stand up for long enough to brush my teeth. But I’m much more than my immobility.My spoof of Velazquez’ Toilet of Venus (1647-51) shows an immobile woman with a beautiful body. The artist and the audience are not focusing on her arms or legs.She’s got my cheeky face – …

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VOSAP application: The Blind Cloning the Blind

spoof version of breughel's the blind leading the blind. ditch digitally eradse. five smiley people - all my fface

This is my spoof of Breughel’s The Blind Leading the Blind (1584). My version has digitally erased the ditch that the sixth of Breughel’s subjects fell into. In the social model of disability, the environment is often the primary disabling factor. If only the local council followed my lead – in a real-life way – …

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Safe as houses 5: Running, running, running

I wasn’t able to exercise in any of my usual ways during shielding. So this shows (a version of) me running. The ribbons from some of my Marathon medals are almost a floral spray up in the top right hand corner This collage gave me beauty and dynamism, when both of those things felt truly lacking. …

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Safe as Houses 4: How safe?

The two ‘women’  in my installation reflect different parts of myself. The naked woman shows how vulnerable I felt. She’s also a commentary on the government pronouncements on deaths ‘only’ being in the old and those with pre-existing conditions. That’s me, I thought! I’ve got pre-existing conditions – so apparently my death doesn’t really count. …

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Safe as houses 3: Looking out at the world.

It was very difficult not being allowed outside at all. I constructed a paper lemon tree to show some of the natural world – even if it was far far away at the end of a perspective tunnel . I went hungry when I couldn’t get any food and in this picture you can also …

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