Deathbed skiing in #WAF10

I’m very excited to be leading Deathbed Skiing in #WAF10. It’s a life-changing, death-changing experience.

Deathbed Skiing is a new and different way to make your exit: starting on the side of a mountain, and ending in a luscious fruiting forest of dreams.

Come and immerse yourself in a Black Run, catapulting down to the Last Breath. Even if you’re not quite yet an international skier, you are definitely an expert on the best sorts of living and loving. And you can choose an exit as stylish and individual as you want to be.

So bathe in the music from our ancient Singing Bowls.
And look deep into your soul as someone else Blinks.
You will never think of death in the same way again. Since truly, this is Ultimate Living.

An intimate performance with spoken word, choreography and wrap-around video. With a chance to join in – or not – when we get deep into the Forest.

Ultimate Living presents Deathbed Skiing at Tara Arts on 10 May 2019, 19.30 -21.00. We’re relaxed if you want / need to go out and then come back in. There are some flashing lights and occasional bangs.

Here’s an early draft video of the luscious forest. When I get to measure the wall its going to be projected on, it’s going to get bolder, and more gentle, and much much more thoroughly wrap-around:

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