More about my pantomime R&D

More about your project 

The proposed R&D supports development of my climate justice panto for adults.

  • I’m involving both/only VI and D/deaf performers, as a way of challenging silos within disability art
  • I want to make the access part of the art, using a range of ‘languages’ including BSL, audio narration, ‘songs with out words’, creative captioning, and panto call-and-response
  • This reaches out wider, by also sharing the richness of these diverse ‘languages’ with a mainstream audience.

I appreciate the inherent practical challenges of working with BOTH D/deaf and VI performers. So my R&D will:

  • Work closely with experts on the ‘languages’;
  • Include facilitated co-creation – with language experts and expert performers working together;
  • Workshop two short scenes selected to explore multiple languages:  the initial song, and a dance for cane users 
  • Culminate in a sharing performance. Invitees will be asked how the specific ‘languages’ add to, or distract from, communication with disabled and mainstream audiences.

Why and how climate justice?

  • Climate justice recognises political and ethical issues in very similar ways to the social model of disability: it’s less about individual deficits, and more about social inequalities.
  • My audition process will prioritise performers with personal knowledge of the inequalities underlying climate injustice

Why pantomime?

  • It mirrors the chaos of the climate crisis
  • It expects/helps the audience get involved. Just like we all need to be involved in both arts access, and the climate crisis.

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