A camel train on the Sang Farsh: Alfons Gabriel, 1933
Eating ripe persimmon after the rope expedition
The 'golden caravanserai' and the large fort at Zafaraniyya: Google Earth image
Me on the Sang Farsh, Shah Abbas' road across 40km of salty mud
One of three tombs for Shah Abbas. This one is in Kashan.
The 'golden caravanserai' at Zafaraniyya
The Sefid Ab caravanserail, in the permit-only Dasht-e-Kavir area
The Shaikh Lotfollah mosque, as seen from the Ali Qapu balcony

In 1601, Shah Abbas the First left Isfahan to walk 1200 kilometres to the holy city of Mashhad. In 2008-9, I used the daily records of the Shah’s astrologer to be the first person in four hundred years to pinpoint the journey-route – bumping across salt deserts and around tiny Iranian villages in various unsuitable vehicles.