Evaluation: Deathbed Skiing

At the end of the event, 20 people filled in the evaluation form . Some details of the results are below, with some comments. In summary:53% rated the event as excellent – the rest thought it was good.Most of the audience was new to the venue, the artist and WAF.Death is a feminist issue so it …

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And suddenly I disappear

And Suddenly I Disappear. Some of the cast. Image: Guardian

When I saw And Suddenly I Disappear,¬† it felt that, suddenly, there was actually a chance that I might personally appear. Not definitely. I still don’t know where. But at least now there’s a chance. For maybe a chance appearance. Thankyou thankyou THANKYOU for that to Kaite O Reilly and the whole splendid ensemble! Kaite¬†explores …

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