4. Cycle of Life: digital collage

The Cycle of Life. This 'forest' grew from the acorn heart in 'Heartbeat', watered by my tears into a sprout. Then the warm water used to wash my dad's body 'grew' it into a forest, with more and more fruit

As I washed my dad’s dead body, I thought of how much of a Cycle of Life there is. How life cycles on and on. My dad must have washed me when I was a baby: his first child. I freshened him up through his time in the hospice. Just because he died, I wasn’t going to stop washing …

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4. Ultimate Living: the words

Watered by the warm water I used to wash my dad's dead body, the little black and white forest grows and greens. As it starts fruiting., the cycle of life becomes obvious

These are the words I used in the multimedia performance of Ultimate Living, with some of the images: Ultimate Living: Often. in the hospice. I washed my dad. Freshening him up through the day.  Just because he has died, I’m not going to stop. He must have washed me ALL OVER like this when I was a small baby. …

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