Deathbed skiing in #WAF10

I'm very excited to be leading Deathbed Skiing in #WAF10. It's a life-changing, death-changing experience. Deathbed Skiing is a new and different way to make your exit: starting on the side of a mountain, and ending in a luscious fruiting forest of dreams. Come and immerse yourself in a Black Run, catapulting down to the Last ...

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Planning for # WAF10

I'm currently developing my bid for the Wandsworth Art Fringe (WAF10: 3-19 May 2019.) Three components are planned: 1. Cycle of Life: building on and further developing the four linked multimedia presentations I did at the Showroom Gallery; 2. Blink: a video looking into and out of my eyes; 3. Music from some very special ...

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3. Heartbeat: digital collage

Heartbeat: This image shows what happened when my dad took his last breath

This digital collage is about what happened to my dad’s heartbeat when he took his last breath. I’m showing the sound and light and movement during the multimedia performance in the Showroom gallery. The image shows a colleague clapping my dad’s heartbeat (on the left) and me talking (on the right). On either edge are (white on …

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3. Heartbeat: the words

Heartbeat: This image shows what happened when my dad took his last breath

Here are the words I said at the multimedia performance of Last Breath / Heartbeat at the Showroom gallery   Heartbeat: I knew Straight away When my dad took  His LAST BREATH.  I stood up. Put my hand on his chest. And now. I’m confused. Cos his Heart. Is Beating. Fast. And Strong.  Keeping going. Keeping going. …

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