2. Deathbed Skiing: a digital collage

When my dad was so near death that he’d stopped talking, he got out of his bed to stand as though he was deathbed skiing his last Black Run.

This digital collage of Deathbed Skiing shows me talking into, walking and standing alongside one of the Showroom Korean ‘machines’ that underpinned ‘Dawn Breaks’ (the ‘story bus’). The words I said are here. When my dad was so near death that he’d stopped talking, he got out of his bed. People that close to death don’t get out of …

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My Perspective: Raw materials

My Perspective. Collage of Tate Modern turbine hall_With Bruce Nauman Raw Materials.

I loved making this My Perspective collage! It shows the Tate Turbine Hall. The assignment was to show perspective, and there’s an orange-line vanishing point vanishing off into the yellow distance, under a white roll-out. The side steps are in orange, and there’s that I-still-dont-know-what-it-is yellow/black/chalk lit-up thing perched high up facing right. But mainly this collage shows the massive …

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