Air pollution: what can I do?

Air pollution is a Big Deal!It’s the Biggest environmental health hazard – causing many more problems all the way through all of our lives – its NOT just the obvious chest/ asthma. So what can I do: Am I – and my family – at risk? Is the area where I live / work a problem? What …

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Glasgow photography competition: movement

Showing brutalist Brunswick Centre with sun rising on the left - reflecting off the window glass - and the moon going down on the right

Ive been trying to submit to this competitition They seem to be looking for photographs showing rapid small-scale movement? I want to show much more fundamental movement: that of the Earth rotating round the Sun, and the Moon rotating round the Earth and Sun.Of course it appears as though we on the Earth are stationary – and …

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Marchmont community centre: discussing air pollution

poster in street says: you wouldnt drink it - so why breath it

I talked to community members about air pollution – theory and some practical ideas about mitigation. First, lets remember the Clean Air Wins campaign up above: I started with some questions: Almost everyone didnt believe they had a pollution problem – not in their area, no, no, no!I talked about Ella Kissi-Debrah and her mum …

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PM2.5 and O3 act synergistically

bad effects of fine particulate matter PM2.5 and ozone multiply up. Through the intersection of existing inequalities in health, structural racism, and other forms of discrimination, climate change acts as a threat multiplier, exacerbating existing drivers of poor health for the world’s most vulnerable populations.

Wake Wash Work

eight images in Wake wash work

Shape Open 2023 has the theme Open All Hours and this above is my submission.For several decades I’ve been Open All Hours to a torrent of diagnoses and disabilities. Even with the Social Model, each new diagnosis needs time, both practically and emotionally. Time for the worry that inevitably comes alongside an uncertain future with degenerative diseases. Time …

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Do you want to know the levels of outdoor air pollution in your area?

There are lots of free and freely available air pollution monitoring systems that could tell you.Before you choose which system is best for you, please remember that there is no safe level of air pollution.The English guideline levels are set at much dirtier – which means riskier – levels than those from the World Health …

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LCAW / Bloomsbury festival: how bad is the air pollution?

exterior entrance to foundling court, in Brunswick Centre, with Breathe London sensor shown outlined in pink
Brunswick TRA successfully bid to get a BREATHE LONDON sensor:we've got lots of green trees and small parks nearby and wanted to know if that was enough to protect us from air pollution. Here's our sensor results from March 2022 til August 2023: These graphs show we're missing the UK objectives, WHO daily and annual ...

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Indoor air pollution

drawing of room-types with internal pollution sources

Indoor air pollution is “typically around six times worse than outdoor air pollution, even in major cities“.Most people spend most of their time indoors. And those at most risk from air pollution – children, and people with pre-existing conditions – spend even more time indoors. But there’s much less advice about indoor air pollution. Partly …

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