Do not adjust your monitor: some transformed carpets

Jameel Prize 3 is lots more exciting, in my opinion, than Jameel 1 and 2 were. There’s some proper art. None of it’s Iranian – but there are two artists who are using Persian materials and techniques in some wonderful ways.

Look at Faig Ahmed’s carpets.

Do not adjust your monitor!

I think they speak for themselves, though if you want some words, then here is the V&A video

Two of Faig Ahmed’s carpets. Acclaimmag image











Look at his own website to see an even bigger selection


Three more of Faig Ahmed’s rugs. Patternbank image













The other shortlisted Jameel artist I think you might be especially interested in is Rahul Jain, a textile designer who recreates Mughal silk textiles from the 17th and 18th centuries. I think there are lots of Persian links – look at the example below and see if you agree:

Snow Leopard textile by Rahul Jain. Image from

























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