Art projects

Here are some of my art projects:

Praxis-Forum. May 2018-May 2019. I have been accepted onto this year-long programme of monthly peer mentoring forums. You can see the digital art I submitted for this here

Dawn breaks. Participant in a range of different multimedia Group Shows.  The Showroom.
Preview: 7 Dec 2017. My own work in this iteration is [PAGE UNDER DEVELOPMENT]
U My Show: 13 Dec 2017. I polished my earlier work as shown here
Free Flow Fictioning: 26 Jan 2018. I developed new work for this iteration – it’s here and here

Collecting and Display of Islamic Art. Oct-Dec 2014. IESA Study Programme at Leighton House. Lecturing on the 1910 Munich exhibition; the 1931 Burlington House exhibition; and Poland as a portal for ‘oriental’ trading in the seventeenth century

Shah Abbas the Great: the splendour of power. Jan-April 2009. Birkbeck University / British Museum. Lecturer and Course designer

More Than Just Nomads. Solo photographic exhibition. Brunei Gallery, SOAS. Oct-Dec 2008.
In the main SOAS building, I also displayed historic photos of the Bakhtiari. I am now the virtual curator of early images of the tribe.

-Ways to See Beauty. Platform Lecture on Islamic architecture and geometry. Winchester School of Art. 11 Dec 2008.


My Iran-related publications, teaching, conferences and lectures are here.

And my medical work is here, with my medical publications here.


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