VOSAP application: The Blind Cloning the Blind

This is my spoof of Breughel’s The Blind Leading the Blind (1584). My version has digitally erased the ditch that the sixth of Breughel’s subjects fell into. In the social model of disability, the environment is often the primary disabling factor. If only the local council followed my lead – in a real-life way – removing ditches and other pavement hazards!
Breughel’s miserable subjects are carefully distinguished by their obvious specific eye diagnoses. My version includes five identical smiley faces: all me. I’m commenting on how ‘the blind’ are often falsely considered as a singular entity. And – also falsely – as heroically cheery, when we’re not being annoyingly miserable.

More details at: http://www.carolinemawer.com/the-blind-cloning-the-blind/

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