Hunger and art

During ‘shielding’, I got obsessed not knowing when or how I was going to eat. It wasn’t just me: food insecurity quadrupled nationally, with 177% increase in foodbank use. There is an understandable – and necessary – focus on hungry children. 

But I was shocked to find that, during the pandemic, disabled adults are head-and-shoulders the group with the worst food insecurity.

So I’m really thinking now about hunger in art, and how art might even help reduce hunger or food insecurity.

Click here to read my summary of the size of the problem
Including scary data about disabled people and food insecurity

The Haywain: chocolate-box idyll – or hidden hunger?
Plus more on how the wheat in bread has changed fundamentally

How slavery was underpinned by the British ‘sweet tooth – including in Turner’s Slave Ship
The politics and activism around Turner’s Slave Ship

Lemons and limes: underpinning European world journeys
Limes on Montserrat – with Sturge’s abolitionist activism – Im guessing Joseph Sturge was at the meeting Turner made the Slave Ship for?

Contrasting Warhol’s tomato soup mages – with the canned pork, canned pineapple, canned fish and canned soup I had left outside my front door. Uninvited, unwelcome, unhealthy charity.

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