My Moonlets

I’ve been producing collages of the moon: every night without too much cloud, I see multiple overlaid moon-lets.
While you – you poor thing! – probably see only a single outline.
Up above is a night-time view of the crescent moon – show as the multi-moonlets that I see
Really I dont see such bright colours – though the multi-glow is always amazing.

Here are two other moon-phases above and below:

And another below:
blue orange yellow and brown multi-moons outside my home. I only see one at a time - and they are not usuallty so brightly coloured - this is a draft for an an exhibition
Here above are multiple moonlets – i set this up to apply for the Make residency

There’s much more to come!
Im out getting freezing cold with some GORGEOUS night-time clouds – you’re going to see some of these soon.

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