Safe as Houses 4: How safe?

The two ‘women’  in my installation reflect different parts of myself. The naked woman shows how vulnerable I felt. She’s also a commentary on the government pronouncements on deaths ‘only’ being in the old and those with pre-existing conditions.

That’s me, I thought! I’ve got pre-existing conditions – so apparently my death doesn’t really count.

A felt cocoon -  much more gentle than a coffin. laid out in a country setting with some lovely flowers.  Contact
I planned for the worse – and here’s the gorgeous cocoon that I would like to be buried in. its from – who do some great cocoons – much more gorgeous and softer than coffins

The so-called shielding felt like an imprisonment. So I got a prison suit. You can see me up above in my orange suit dreaming of fresh food. Which I couldn’t get! And my version of the government pronouncements:

I stayed home; the NHS wasn’t protected; and lives were lost.

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